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Here is a comprehensive list of the election results with the write in  votes.Election 2018 with OthersList.pdf

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If you are going to be out of town that day, have a physical disability, or will be absent due to a religious belief, registered voters may cast an absentee ballot, beginning April 9.  The first step is to complete an application.  Applications for absentee ballots must be made in writing or email and include:

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All registered voters may attend Town meeting, vote on warrant articles (in person) and vote in Town Elections (in person or by absentee ballot) on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  The period for Voter Registration closes on Friday, APRIL 13, twenty days before the election. On 4/13/18 the Town Clerk 's office will be open extra hours for voter registration from 2 - 4 pm and from 7-8 pm.

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Here are seats and the candidates names as they appear on the May 5, 2018 ballot.  Incumbents are marked with (*) and all seats are three-year terms unless noted:

Board of Health vote for two

*Arleen A. Read 18 Old Orchard Rd.

*Alan Werner  106 Wendell Rd.

Cemetery Commissioner vote for one

*Raymond B. Cusson 54 Lakeview Rd. 

Board of Library Trustees vote for two

*Katherine A. Cell 29 Old Orchard Rd.

*Michele Cunningham 108 Wendell Rd.

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A Citizen’s Petition is proposal by a citizen or a group of citizens, signed by 10 or more registered voters, that is brought to the Select Board to place on a Town Meeting warrant.  For example, a petition could ask town meeting to vote for adoption, amendment or repeal of a town’s bylaw.  Another type of petition may offer a resolution/advisory urging action at local, state or federal levels. 

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The 2018 Annual Street Listing Form that combines the Town Census and the State Voter Census is coming to your household soon.  Although this form is issued by the state in an effort to verify current voters living in Shutesbury, the form also is a listing of ALL Shutesbury residents, including non-voters and children.  This information is used for trash bag eligibility, to verify residence for veteran and elderly benefits and as an address confirmation for future town mailings. 

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Meeting Notice Template
For use by committee members to post a meeting Use the Meeting Notice Template to post your meetings with the Town Clerk, in order to comply with MGL C.30A s.18-25, the "open meeting" law. pdf version Word version  
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Voter Registration Information

There are multiple ways to register to vote.  You can register at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, pick up a voter registration form outside the Town Clerk's office or register online.  Visit for more information.

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You may vote absentee due to absence from town during normal polling hours, physical disability or religious belief. You can download an application from the Sec. of State  website

This is the same application to use if you need to request absentee ballots for all 2018 elections.

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The Secretary of the Commonwealth has developed an excellent tool for learning about your voter registration status, who your representatives are, links to their websites showing how to contact them, and other elections related information at the following address. If you have a zip code other than 01072 and your zip code doesn't work for your name, try putting in 01072.

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Elected Officials (current fiscal year)