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Last Updated: 09/02/2020

Congratulations, Shutesbury! 59% turn out ain't too shabby for a primary. Well done!


Click here to view the unofficial election results.

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Last Updated: 08/24/2020

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Last Updated: 09/01/2020
Voting by mail! It's safe! It's secure! It's relatively straight forward! 

Here's how:

Download and print a Vote By Mail application from the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website and put your application in the black drop box in front of Town Hall:

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Last Updated: 08/05/2020

There will be mail-in and in-person voting options for registered Shutesbury voters during the September 1st State Primary Election and the November 3rd General Election. 

In Person Voting:

In Person Early Voting hours for the September 1st primary will be on Saturday and Sunday, August 22nd and 23rd at Town Hall.

Voting By Mail:

If you were registered to vote in Massachusetts before July 1st 2020, the Secretary of the Commonwealth will mail you a Vote By Mail application around July 15th.

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Last Updated: 02/08/2021

545 ballots were cast,    44% of our 1,228   registered voters  Here are today's election results.  Winner *

Board of Health

* Norene Pease 452

* Garrett Simonsen 440

Write in 2,  Blanks 196


Cemetery Commission

* Walter Tibbetts 478

Write in 3,  Blanks 64


Library Trustees

* P. Savanna Ouellette 459

* Melanie DeSilva 440

Write in 6,  Blanks 185


Planning Board

* Michael DeChiara 432

* Steven Bressler 446

* Deacon Bonnar 441

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Last Updated: 06/20/2020

Town Hall is still closed to the public at this time.  Any Absentee or Early Voting applications I receive by noon on Monday, 6/22 will have their ballots put in the mail, but the  ballot may not reach the voter until Friday, or later.  Voters can return their ballot in the drop-box in front of Town Hall up to 2:00 pm on Saturday when the polls close to guarantee that it will be received.

If you did not get your ballot in time, you can vote in person on Saturday, outside, behind Town Hall.  The polls are open from 8 am - 2:00 pm 



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Last Updated: 05/01/2020

The Shutesbury Conservation Commission  has published a notice of two continued public hearings.  This information is also posted on the Town Clerk page as required.  For more information see the Conservation Commission web page.


At the April 23, 2020 virtual meeting of the Conservation Commission, the following two items were voted on and rescheduled to 5/14/2020:  

7:30pm Continue Public Hearing for ANRAD at ZD-37 (Montague/Carver)

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Last Updated: 01/15/2020

If you were receiving calendar notifications using our previous posting system, you will need to follow the steps below to sign up for these emails again.

You can sign up for notifications of meetings for any committee by going to our new posting website:

Use the drop down menu on the left to pick the committee you want to follow.  On the committee's page, click, "Subscribe to Email Alerts."  You will need to repeat these steps for each committee separately.


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Last Updated: 05/25/2022

Click HERE to find more information about the June 28 Special Election

Click HERE for the Absentee Voting application

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Last Updated: 11/02/2020
Election Day is finally here! 

Where: Town Hall, 1 Cooleyville rd, Shutesbury MA. Downstairs. Just like during the September Primary, voters will enter through the Senior Lounge and exit from the side door in the main room.

When: Tuesday, November 3rd 2020. Polls open at 7AM and close at 8PM. If you can't make it until the end of the day, be aware that you must be in line (in other words, in the parking lot and on your way inside) by 8PM to cast your vote. 

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Last Updated: 10/23/2020

The Town Clerk's office will be putting early and absentee ballots into the ballot box as allowed by state statute in the main room, downstairs.  Observers are welcomed.

Monday, Oct. 26 from 1:30 - 3pm

Tuesday, Oct 27 from 1:30 - 3pm

Thursday, Oct 29 from 10:00 - Noon

Friday, Oct 30 from 10 - noon

Monday Nov. 2 from 10 - noon 

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November 8 2022

State Election

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2022 State Primary Election When: Tuesday, September 6 2022

Where: Shutesbury Town Hall, 1 Cooleyville rd, downstairs


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Last Updated: 06/07/2022
        The Shutesbury 2022 Annual Town Meeting                            and Local Election



The purpose of this page is to provide Shutesburians with a central location for important information and updates about Annual Town Meeting and the Local Election. This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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        The Shutesbury 2021 Annual Town Meeting                            and Local Election





                                    Annual Town Meeting Minutes


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Last Updated: 11/22/2022
New: 2nd Annual Halloween Candy Poll, results and voter roll

The Halloween Candy Poll is a mock election held for trick or treaters on the Town Common to decide on the candy that will be available from the Town Hall Candy Jar until next Halloween. 

2022 November Election Unofficial Results Town Clerk Office Hours The Town Clerk Office will be closed the week of Thanksgiving

Monday: 10am-3pm

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Volunteers, elected officials, and appointees should use a designated email for Town business.  Because we are not currently able to provide a "" email address to everyone, we recommend setting up your own email account for Town work.  This email account should be distinct from your personal or other work emails and should only be used for Town business.  This will help you stay organized, as well as comply with Open Meeting Law and Public Records Requests. 

The following is the format suggested.