Open Space Committee

Lake WyolaMission Statement 

“The mission of the Open Space Committee is to use the Open Space Plan as a guide to work with residents, other committees, land trusts, conservation groups, state offices, local officials and state officials in preserving vital land in Shutesbury through education, conservation awareness, conservation restrictions, development restrictions and/or purchase; to work with the above mentioned organizations to seek out funding sources; to revise the Open Space Plan as needed through an open process, subject to review by the Conservation Commission;  to help the Town find land that is on the market that would be of interest to the Plan; and to work with the Town in helping to review a town-wide Master Plan.”
                         — Revision of 2000 Statement approved by Select Board 8/21/2007


The 2015 Open Space & Recreation Plan was approved by the Department of Conservation Services for the period 2012–2019.  Paper copies are available at the Library and the Town Clerk's office.

The Committee is currently working with FRCOG on an update of the Plan to be submitted to the Department of Conservation Services in Fall 2021.  When approved, it will be valid for the period 2019–2026.



The Open Space Handbook, A Guide to Community Conservation in Massachusetts, is the product of a collaboration between MassWoods and Mount Grace/North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership.