Board of Health


State water testing program for PFAS in drinking water: FAQs

Statement regarding PFAs in pesticides, 1/8/21

Final report of Pioneer Valley Mosquito Control District, 2020 season

Lake Wyola Association beach water quality testing results available here for August, 2020.  Note that the maximum allowable amount of E. coli in a swimming beach is 235 per 100 ml.

Department of Public Health press releases and other information related to Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a deadly mosquito-borne disease.  How to protect yourself against EEE and West Nile Virus.

For information on the coronavirus, go to the pandemic info page

For useful information on wells, septic systems, and building permit applications, scroll down

Information on the Pioneer Valley Mosquito Control District warrant article, passed at Annual Town Meeting, 6/27/20

Tick alert, April 2020

Ticks, which carry a number of diseases, are out in force this spring.  Take precautions when you are outside: use permethrin on your clothes and shoes (not on your skin).  One resident swears by high slick rubber boots.  For more information, click here.

Information on the well water at Town Hall, April 2017

Click here for flyer describing the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

Useful information

Are you a septic system installer or pumper? Click here for information

Please email the Board of Health for application forms.


Building permit applications

What you need to get Board of Health approval.

Septic systems

How they work, how to get one, how to take care of it

Drinking water wells

Information about drinking water wells, the text of Shutesbury's well regulation, and a well permit application

Outdoor woodburning boilers

Full text of a regulation governing these heating devices, which was adopted in 2010.  

Tick-borne diseases, including Lyme

Advice on avoiding tick-borne diseases.