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The 2022 Annual Town Meeting approved funding for three CPC projects this year: 


About the Community Preservation Act (CPA)

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was passed by the State Legislature in 2000 to help Massachusetts’ cities and towns preserve and plan for their communities’ futures and to raise funds to accomplish their historic preservation, open space, recreation, and community housing goals. 

Shutesbury adopted the CPA by passing the Shutesbury Community Preservation bylaw at its May 2008 Annual Town Meeting by a vote of 75%. Over the following three years (May 2008-May 2011) the town established and trained the Community Preservation Committee, set up the initial funds required by the CPA, and authorized its first award.

The CPA bylaw authorizes Shutesbury to levy a 1.5% surcharge on property tax bills to raise funds to address our historic preservation, open space, recreation, and community housing needs. Notably, the Town elected to exempt from the surcharge the first $100,000 of assessed value of each property’s assessment. By raising local funds, Shutesbury is eligible to receive state funds that match a percentage of the funds raised by the town each year.

Projects proposed for CPA funds are reviewed and then, when determined to be appropriate, recommended to Town Meeting by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC). The spending of CPA funds must be approved by Town Meeting each year. To guide the use of CPA funds, the CPC developed a Community Preservation Plan that it updates each year.


About the Community Preservation Committee (CPC)

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is comprised of seven members: one representative each from the Planning Board, the Open Space or Recreation committee, the Conservation Commission, and the Historical Commission, one representing the interests of affordable housing, one from the Select Board or its designee to perform the duties of a Board of Park Commissioners, and one At-large community member. Terms are for one year and are renewable.

The committee typically meets on the third Thursday of each month from September to May or June. For upcoming meeting notices please visit the Town Calendar. All meetings are currently being held virtually.  

All CPC meetings are open to the public and everyone is always welcome.


Apply for CPA Funding

Applying for a CPA grant is simple and open to any group or organization with a project that aligns with the CPA's purposes. Current application dates and information about the categories, application process, and required documentation is available on the Applying for CPA Funding page.


CPA-Funded Projects in Shutesbury

Since 2011, CPA funds have been used to support sixteen projects around Shutesbury, amounting to over $284,000 of direct investment--and hundreds of thousands of dollars more in matching grants--in historic preservation, open space, recreation, and affordable housing needs in the community. These projects represent partnerships with other town committees and commissions, groups organized by Shutesbury residents, and nonprofit organizations. Additional information about Shutesbury's CPA funding activities can be found by visiting the Community Preservation Coalition's online databank.