Buildings Committee

The Shutesbury Town Buildings Committee was created by the 1988 Annual Town Meeting to "examine and oversee renovations, new construction, and maintenance of Town-owned properties."

That singular description was subsequently expanded and given greater detail in the Building Committee Charge Bylaw, adopted at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting.

The Bylaw broadly defines the Committee's overall role and responsibilities in advising and assisting the Town "on financial estimates, design, and supervision of construction (including repair, reconstruction, alteration, or enlargement) of municipal building projects."

Capital projects with a proposed budget in excess of $500,000 will be assigned their own separate building committee.

The Buildings Committee or separate building committee is responsible for overseeing the design and construction of the project in coordination with the Town Department, Town Committee, or Town Board that proposes the project.  Projects that include design and/or engineering will follow design selection process, development production of construction documents, and contract award recommendations in compliance with the MA General Laws.  Projects that do not include design and/or engineering will write up scope of work for repairs in cooperation with the proposing body and use best procurement practices to solicit bids from contractors and suppliers.  In all projects, the Town Administrator shall coordinate award and execution of service and construction contracts with the Select Board.

The Buildings Committee will assess all Town buildings and develop a capital needs assessment, including a timetable and budget to serve as a guide for future rehabilitation/renovation, assessing all Town buildings for the following:
   * Overall condition and condition of its infrastructure
   * Disaster resistance and preparedness
   * Use of Green Technologies
   * Communications and information systems technologies
   * Performance and sustainability
   * Capital improvement options and investments (repair, replace, renovate, etc.)

The Buildings Committee will engage construction, engineering and other consultants through the Town Administrator's office, as needed and subject to appropriation.