Broadband Committee — ShutesburyNET

Need help? Customer Service is here 24/7 to help with phone, voice mail, outages or technical support with your equipment.

Customer Service:  855-415-7592

What to expect when you call Customer Service: Your call will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays for tech support. The technician who answers your call will be able to help with basic questions. They will also be able to run real-time diagnostics to make sure service is reaching your home in the case of a potential outage. If an outage is confirmed a repair truck will be sent to your location to fix the issue, usually on the same day. In the case of widespread outages due to things like severe weather events or a system issue we'll prioritize restoration of services of the main network before handling individual requests. Help with non-urgent issues such as billing and account questions is available during business hours.

How do I set up my voicemail?

1.  Pick up phone handset and get a dial tone

2.  Press *333

3.  Wait for prompt to ask for your password.

4.  Enter the last four digits of your phone number as your password then press the # key

5.  Enter the last four digits of your phone number again and wait for prompt

6.  Create a new four-digit password following prompts

7.  Voicemail is now activated, and you may proceed with following prompts to create a greeting

8. Going forward dial *333 to access your voice mail.

To access your voice mail remotely dial your own phone number, wait for the message greeting then press * and follow the prompts. Call Customer service if you can't remember your password or need more help.

Online Billing Portal (Pay your bill online)

Downed wire? Here's what to do:

1. Confirm the downed or drooping wire belongs to ShutesburyNET by looking at it. Our cables have an orange wraparound label at each utility pole to identify them. Our cable is in the MIDDLE between the electrical wires on top and Verizon lines on the bottom of each pole.

2. If you can confirm the downed or drooping line belongs to ShutesburyNET, call Customer Service (855-415-7592) to report it. Be sure to have the street name and nearest home address when you call so you can relay the location to them for repair.

3. If you can't tell if the downed line is electrical, Verizon or our ShutesburyNET cable you can still call Customer Service to report its location and we'll have someone check it out. *Don't touch downed wires in any circumstances. If any of the lines present an immediate safety hazard call 911*

High-speed fiber internet is available in Shutesbury!

Service Basics



1Gbps internet only


Phone service only


1Gbps internet plus phone

*These fees do not include state and federal mandated taxes.

Do you have feedback about our services?

If you've reported an issue to customer service and haven't received the help you need or think we can do better, please let us know by taking five minutes to click here and fill out this form. We appreciate all feedback, both good and bad!

Getting Connected

If the home you're moving into already has service installed, please contact Customer Service and tell them you need an account set up for yourself at the address. Be sure to tell them the home already has service installed and you just need an account switch - not a brand new installation. There is a $49.95 activation fee for new services.

If the home you're moving into does NOT already have service (or you don't know) then let Customer Service know this when you call so they can help you with the next steps of arranging for a brand new installation. For a brand new installation the fiber has to be brought from the curb to your home and interior home equipment needs to be installed.

Brand new installations must be paid for by the homeowner and can be quite expensive, averaging around $900. In an effort to make new installations affordable the town municipal network services will pay $500 to help offset the costs. In the case that a total installation cost is less than $700, the homeowner must pay the first $200 and the town will pay the rest. This policy ensures we retain consistency and fairness with all residents since everyone paid at least $200 during the initial installation period when the network was being built. Again, if you're looking for a new installation give Customer Service a call! They can tell you if your home is already connected and just an activation fee is needed OR they will arrange a time to do a site visit so you can get a quote for your brand new installation.