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McGregor Review of Shutesbury Local Bylaw Regulations (September 2023)

Public Hearing Notice for petition to install new telephone poles (July/August 2023)

Phase I Initial Site Investigation & Tier I Classification Submittal (January 2023)

January 2023 Groundwater Investigation Memo (January 2023)

COVID Policy For Town Employees

LOT O-32: Site Assessment Background and Current Status (September 2022)

Petition Letter from residents to Selectboard regarding Lot 0-32

Response Letter from Selectboard 



Select Board meets virtually every other Tuesday at 5:30 PM unless otherwise posted.  Meetings are posted on the Town Calendar where the meeting's agenda includes the URL for access to the Zoom meeting.

Most meetings begin with an Open Comment period in which members of the public are encouraged to share information or thoughts with the Select Board.  Meeting minutes are listed/searched in the column to the right.


Select Board Responsibilities

The board of selectmen’s formal, legal responsibilities are scattered throughout hundreds of statutes and in a town’s bylaws, home rule charter, and in the special laws (special acts) enacted by the Legislature for a particular town. Boards of selectmen have general supervision over all matters that are not specifically delegated by law, or by vote of the town, to another office of board.

While the specific role of the selectman is broad, it varies from town to town. Generally, boards of selectmen have at least several important responsibilities under state law: the power to prepare the town meeting warrant; the power to make appointments to town boards and offices; the power to employ professional administrative staff and town counsel; the power to sign warrants for the payment of all town bills; and the authority to grant licenses and permits.


Select Board members

Rita Farrell, Chair

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Melissa Makepeace O'Neil, Vice Chair

Eric Stocker

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