Library Capital Fundraising Committee

Welcome to the New Shutesbury Library Capital Fundraising Committee web page.  This committee was formed on September 28, 2010 by the Select Board. Its purpose is to raise money for the new Shutesbury library. All funds raised by this committee will go to offset the Town's portion of the costs of the new library when a grant is awarded.

Official Charge:

The sole responsibility of the committee is to raise funds for the New Shutesbury Library Capital Project. All funds raised will be used to offset the town's portion of the costs. The town's portion is equal to 40% of eligible costs + all ineligible costs. The new fundraising committee will set the fundraising goal. The committee will be a Town committee appointed by the Select Board. It will consist of two representatives from the Board of Library Trustees, two members from the Friends of the Library and three library enthusiasts from the community. Sources of operational expenses may come from Library Trustee funds, Friends of the Library funds, or donations made specifically for the purpose of fundraising materials, expenses or events. If fundraising exceeds the town's portion of the project, which is 40% of eligible costs and ineligible costs, the excess funds will go into an endowment to be managed by the Trustees for future needs of the library.