Subscribed Town Announcements Policy

These guidelines will govern the preferred process of using the subscribed email Town Announcements notification.

Subscribed email announcements will comply with the web site policy.  The intent of this policy is to maintain full and open disclosure of such announcements and responses to those announcements, and provide reasonable access to those without access to the Internet or email services.

Emails sent out through this system will go to all current subscribers on the Town Announcements list.  That list is subject to Public Record Laws and is available to anyone who requests it.  The Select Board shall review the mailing before it is distributed.  If approved and sent out, a copy will be provided to the Town Clerk who will post written copies at Town Hall and at the M.N. Spear memorial Library.  A list of recent announcements is also available on the Town website.

How to send out a message to the Town Announcement List

The Town-subscribed email list is maintained by the Web Committee.  The Committee encourages the use of the email list to get the word out on items of interest to all Town residents.  It is an excellent vehicle to put out short-notice info, timely reminders, or helpful tips from your board, committee, or department.

The role of the Committee is only to ensure that the messages get out in a timely manner and comply with the Town website and email policies established by the SelectBoard.

The Web Committee will not compose your messages for you.  You must create the wording as you wish it to appear.

Submitted emails must comply with the Town web policies, and:

  • must be from a recognized Town entity (committee, board, or department)
  • must be factual in nature - not attempting to advocate a position or vote.
  • may announce an event, information, solicit info or assistance, etc.
  • should be text-only content. (May contain links to government websites.)

Submit your message to the Web Committee with the following information: 

  • Subject: (short topic title)
  • From: (name of entity and/or person providing the information)
  • Reply to: (valid email address and/or name and telephone number for follow up questions about the message)
  • Date (requested broadcast date, if not for immediate announcement)

You may include any questions you have about the process in the same email.  These will be stripped off before broadcast, but please clearly separate your questions from the actual content of your announcement message.

The Process

Your email will be held to be reviewed for compliance.  You should plan on checking your email for any questions or requests for clarification from the Web Committee.  If everything is in order, your message will be approved and broadcast to the email list as it was submitted. This usually occurs within 24 hours.

Thank you for using the list, and Happy Emailing!

Shutesbury Web Communications Committee