Planning Board

Planning Board's Role and Responsibilities

The Shutesbury Planning Board is an elected board consisting of seven members. There are currently no alternate members. The Planning Board is responsible for the following functions:

  • Master Planning: Periodic generation and updating of the town's Master Plan
  • Zoning Amendments: Development of amendments to the town's Zoning Bylaw, as needed, including conducting of hearings, and making presentation to Town Meeting. Conducting public hearings for citizen petitions regarding zoning amendments and making recommendations to Town Meeting.
  • Subdivision Regulations: Periodic development and amendments, as needed, to the Subdivision regulations
  • Approval Not Required (ANR) Plans: Review and approval of plans that create building lots from land along public roadways in Shutesbury. (Most dwellings in Shutesbury are on such lots)
  • Subdivision Plans: Plans that create new building lots from land along newly built subdivision roadways
  • Site Plan Review: Review and approval of projects that require site plan review
  • Special Permits: Review and approval of projects that require a special permit (by two thirds super majority vote)
  • Special Projects: Related to land use planning


Zoning Bylaws and Amendments - (TM May 4, 2019)

click here for .pdf of Zoning Bylaws - print copies are available for $15. from Town Clerk's office.


2020 Approved Zoning Bylaw Amendments

Click here to view the Ground Mounted Solar Electric Installations bylaw, first added in 2016 and amended by Town Meeting in 2020. 


Shutesbury Zoning Map (Adopted March 24, 2009)


Subdivision Regulations

To view Shutesbury Subdivision Regulations (updated 2004), click here.


Information and Resources related to Shutesbury Zoning Bylaws


Master Plan

Complete Shutesbury Master Plan, including maps (18 megabyte PDF file) - (as of June 2004)

Sections: Table of Contents,    Executive Summary,   Natural Resources and Open Spaces,   Economic Development,   Housing,   Community Facilities and Services,   Transportation,   Historic and Scenic Resources,   Land Use and Zoning,   Appendix A,   Appendix B - Biodiversity Days,   Appendix C - Economic Development,  Appendix D - Housing,   Appendix E - ADA Plan (future),  Appendix F - Transportation


Planning Board Forms



Current & Recent Projects Before the Board

The Planning Board reviews projects regularly. Projects listed below are considered significant given their size or community-wide interest. Please contact Land Clerk for more information

  • Current
    • Subdivision: Dean Brook - Pratt Corner Rd, ZG-2 -- plan, map
    • Subdivision: Roaring - Carver Rd West, ZD-37 -- plan, map
    • Subdivision: Baker Brook - West Pelham Rd, ZQ-6 & Q-70 -- plan, map
    • Subdivision: Nurse Brook - Pratt Corner Rd, ZW-6 -- plan, map
  • Recent: Vertex Cell Tower