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Applying For a CPA-funded Project: The Process


The Steps of Applying for a CPA-funded Project

Each successful project depends on a group of committed volunteers to organize the project, to complete a thorough application and see it through the review process, and to oversee implementation through project completion. If you have an idea for a project and want to preview it with  the committee please contact the CPC at cpc@shutesbury.org

Before applying, we encourage you to review the CPC's Community Preservation Plan

We encourage you to also review a list of projects funded throughout Massachusetts with CPA funds. The Community Preservation Coalition maintains a database of projects

1. Determination of Eligibility (DoE) Interested applicants shall complete the one-page Determination of Eligibility form. The purpose of this document is to briefly summarize your proposal for the CPC so it can determine the project’s eligibility and offer guidance.  

  • Deadline:  Submit the DoE form anytime, but no later than December 10th for the next Annual Town Meeting.
  • Click here for form

2. Application for Funding  If the CPC determines that your proposal is eligible, you must complete the Application for Funding .The CPC will invite you to present your proposal at a regularly scheduled meeting.

  • Deadline:  February 10th for consideration at Annual Town Meeting.
  • Click here for form

3. Review Process The CPC will review all applications at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Projects will be evaluated and prioritized using the Evaluation Criteria. It is anticipated that the vote to recommend will be taken at the CPC’s March meeting to place projects on the annual Town Meeting warrant.

4. Town Meeting Approval   Each project must be approved at a Town Meeting.  Town Meeting can approve or reject recommended funding amounts for a project by majority vote. The CPA requires two-thirds majority vote for bonded projects and eminent domain proceedings.

5. Project Implementation   Funds for approved projects and procedures for requesting payment will be available as determined by the Town Administrator and are subject to the satisfaction of any conditions or procedures established by the CPC.          


Categories for Funding

There are four state-defined activities that are eligible for CPA funds: historic preservation, community housing, open space and recreation.  For 2021-2022, the CPC is accepting applications for CPA funds this fall and winter for projects in all four areas. The committee actively encourages groups of volunteers to exercise their creativity and devote their energies to organizing and proposing projects that benefit all of our citizens.  We welcome projects, both large and small, that add to our cultural heritage while providing resources for open space, recreation, community housing and historic preservation. 

Open Space

For the acquisition, creation, and preservation of open space and for the rehabilitation or restoration of open space that is acquired or created with CPA funds.


For the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources, where historic resources are defined as a building, structure, vessel, real property, document or artifact that is listed or eligible for listing on the state register of historic places or has been determined by the local Historic Preservation Commission to be significant in the history, archeology, architecture or culture of Shutesbury.


For the acquisition, creation, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of land for recreational use. Recreational use is defined as active or passive. The Act prohibits use of funds to acquire, create or preserve land for a stadium, gymnasium, or similar structure.


For the acquisition, creation, preservation, and support of community housing and for the rehabilitation or restoration of community housing that is acquired or created with CPA funds.  Community housing is defined as low and moderate income housing for individuals and families, including low or moderate income senior housing.


Quick View of Eligibility

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