Election Day 2020

Election Day is finally here! 

Where: Town Hall, 1 Cooleyville rd, Shutesbury MA. Downstairs. Just like during the September Primary, voters will enter through the Senior Lounge and exit from the side door in the main room.

When: Tuesday, November 3rd 2020. Polls open at 7AM and close at 8PM. If you can't make it until the end of the day, be aware that you must be in line (in other words, in the parking lot and on your way inside) by 8PM to cast your vote. 

Who: Any eligible voter who has not already successfully submitted a ballot can vote in person on Election Day. This means, if you requested a Vote By Mail ballot, and you have decided not to use that Vote By Mail ballot, you can vote in person. If you tried to submit a Vote By Mail ballot but there was a problem with your affidavit envelope and the Town Clerk has not been successful in finding you to cure your ballot, you can vote in person. 

If you are uncertain whether or not your Vote By Mail ballot was accepted, please do not go to the polls to find out. First try looking up your information using the Track My Ballot portal. Don't panic if the portal doesn't find your information on the first try or if you don't understand the information displayed--the portal is a bit of a stickler for syntax. Examples: even if your mailing address has an 01002 zip code, your residential address will be 01072. Track My Ballot also does not recognize common road name abbreviations, so you have to spell "West Pelham" instead of "W Pelham."

Contact the Town Clerk by phone or email if you're still concerned after using Track My Ballot. 

townclerk@shutesbury.org or 1-413-259-1204

Health & Safety: All voters are strongly urged to wear a mask. If you do not bring a mask, a mask will be provided to you. Voters should use the available hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the precinct. Board of Health representatives will be on hand to sanitize surfaces and maintain social distancing. In addition, Town Hall recently had a new ventilation system installed downstairs.

Do I Need To Bring ID? For the most part, Massachusetts does not require voters to show ID. The two exceptions are if you are a first time voter in this state (hello some of our lovely new residents) or if you are inactive (you become inactive by not responding to the annual Street Listing--which will be showing up in mailboxes in the not too distant future, nudge nudge). Identification needs to include your name and the address where you are registered to vote. THIS FORM OF ID DOES NOT NEED TO INCLUDE A PICTURE. A driver's license or a utility bill are the most common forms of ID. If you don't have either, contact the Town Clerk's office and I will provide you with a copy of your voter registration form. 

If you still have your Vote By Mail ballot, you can still submit that ballot via the drop box until 8PM on Tuesday night.


If you are quarantined or admitted to a healthcare facility on Election Day, contact the Town Clerk. You have a right to vote. If you are experiencing covid symptoms on Election Day (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) do NOT enter the polling site. First contact your doctor and follow their guidance, then contact the Town Clerk. You have a right to vote.