Voting by mail!

It's safe! It's secure! It's relatively straight forward! 

Here's how:

Download and print a Vote By Mail application from the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website and put your application in the black drop box in front of Town Hall: Townhall dropbox


Email a scanned version of the application to


Pick up a paper copy of the application from the tupperware next to the front door at Town Hall, fill it out, and put it in the drop box. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VOTING MATERIALS IN THE TUPPERWARE BOX. THAT IS NOT A SAFE PLACE TO LEAVE THINGS. Also don't put money in there. That's what the drop box is for.


Last day to register to vote for September 1st Primary: August 22

Last day to request a ballot for September 1st Primary: August 26

Any questions? Call Grace at the Town Clerk's office at 259-1204