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TV SEMINARS: Come learn more about how to optimize your new internet connection for Television Programming, local channels and other streaming entertainment. Saturday, November 16th at 10AM. Sign up HERE. Can't make it?  Here is the summary from October's session plus a matrix of TV options.


High-speed fiber internet is available in Shutesbury!

Service Basics



1Gbps internet only


Phone service only


1Gbps internet plus phone

*These fees do not include state and federal mandated taxes and fees which will be about $3 for internet and $7 for phone service.

Getting Connected

You must sign up BEFORE June 1st to get these rates. If you missed the sign up period please contact us to make alternate arrangements for installation to your home.

INSTALLATION FEE: $200 flat rate

This fee covers your full standard installation to bring the fiber optic cable from the street to your home using the most direct route and install all necessary electronics (including a WiFi router!). It includes all parts, labor and materials regardless of your driveway length and if you have aerial or underground service. It’s everything you need to get broadband in your home.

OTHER OPTIONAL UPGRADES: Landline Phone service will add $50 to the installation fee and includes transferring your current landline phone number and connecting your home wiring. If you just want your phone number transferred to your broadband connection (but no wiring installed) there is no charge. (See the FAQ page for more information)

Battery backup for phone add $60. Digital phone service does not work when the power goes out so a battery backup unit provides up to 8 hrs of continued phone service. You can alternately purchase backup solutions on your own.

Special installation situations: $110/hr technician labor plus materials. Examples of this include if you need your router run more than 50ft. into your home, you want the ONT and router in different locations, need to run the ethernet cable through any interior walls or go through or around architectural barriers. There MUST be an electrical outlet within 6 ft of where your router and ONT will be located. In rare cases the installer may recommend that you hire an electrician to install an additional outlet.  (ONT = Optical Network Terminal, a necessary component to run your home network )

Installations will be done only for homes that are taking active service. Standard Installation includes  in the most direct path and/or lowest cost option available. If you want a customized installation, you will pay the difference between the “lowest cost” option and the option you choose.


See the Frequently Asked Questions page HERE for more information