Seeking Associate Members



Interested in town Zoning and Planning? The Planning Board is looking for two Associate Members.

These are new positions approved at 2021 Town Meeting.  Associate members are crucially important for considering special permit applications when any of the regular members are unable to participate due to absence or recusal. 

Time commitment: Participation is episodic. Depending upon the nature of the proposed projects, the special permit process may extend over a long period of time – months, sometimes years. Continued participation once the process has begun is essential. The Planning Board regularly meets once/month except summer; special permit processes may require more frequent meetings.

Qualifications: The Planning Board is looking for someone who, if needed, can commit to regular participation over an extended period of time. Applicants should be able to be impartial and objective (despite personal opinions) when reviewing projects. Applicants should be willing and able to understand and apply state law and town regulations.  Attention to detail is important. Given continued COVID conditions, candidates need to be able to access the Internet for meetings.

Process: Consideration of applicants will be on a rolling basis. Process involves submission of a short written statement of interest, followed by discussion with Planning Board during a regularly scheduled meeting. Following a recommendation by the Planning Board, candidates will need joint appointment by Select Board and Planning Board. Please send written expressions of interest – a paragraph or two – that includes information about your background, qualifications and why you are interested to .

More Information: The Associate Member bylaw (as amended by Attorney General) can be found hereQuestions may be directed to the Chair, Deacon Bonnar at