Super Tuesday, the presidential party primary is Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Absentee Voting and Early Voting options are available to make your voice heard.  Here are some important dates to know:

Now - Absentee Ballot Application (required) can be found outside the Town Clerks’ door and on-line at   Absentee ballots are available NOW by mail or in person in the Town Clerk's office during regular office hours. You fill in the application, we give you the ballot, you vote, you return the ballot, we count your vote. 

Wednesday, 2/12/20 – Last day for new voter registration, address change, or change of party form. Extra Town Clerk hours that day, 2-4 pm, 7-8 pm.  You can check online to see if you are already registered to vote:

Mon through Fri, 2/24 - 2/28 - Early Voting during regular town clerk hours. More information about Absentee or Early voting on the Town Clerk page:

Tuesday 3/3/20 - Absentee ballots must be in the Town Clerk’s mailbox (12 noon) or brought to the polls by 8 pm.  Registered voters can also vote absentee in person in the Town Clerk’s office.   

At the polls everyone is welcomed to use the assistive technology provided by the AutoMark machine.  Using this machine, the voter can adjust the print size and color, listen to the ballot be read through headphones and mark their ballot independently.  Just ask for the AutoMark ballot at the check-in table.   Voters may also bring an assistant or request assistance to mark a paper ballot.  We want to help all Americans vote!