Creating a summary for your posting of information

When you post information, there are two places that text goes - the Summary and the Body fields. 

The full information goes in the Body field. Normally when you are typing in the Body, you'll see the following above the editing bar (look up and to the left when you are editing) - it looks like this...

body info

After you complete typing the full body, click on Edit Summary. 

The summary is what people will see on the page rather than the full body of information . It should be 1-2 sentences, often the beginning of your body of information. The summary is followed by a More link, so people who are interested can click to read the whole thing.The advantage of using summaries, is that it reduces the amount of space taken up so that users can scroll down and see multiple posts easily.


Example of a Post with the Summary 

what summary looks like


Example of Summary field and Body field

edit summary