Clean Energy Choice

Clean Energy Choice Program

Feel Good about Your Energy and Help Bring Clean Energy Funding To Shutesbury!

Here's something to balance the gloomy news about energy recently in the media. The actions of 55 Shutesbury households over the last year resulted in state funds of $7,000 that the town can use for renewable energy projects such as solar panels on a school or municipal building. These residents are participating in the state's Clean Energy Choice program by choosing to support clean energy on their Massachusetts Electric Company bills.

New enrollments by December 31st, 2005 will result in additional matching funds for Shutesbury and a special bonus grant of another $50 per enrollee. When you enroll, your electricity usage will be matched from sources that do not pollute such as solar, wind, and small hydropower, and your participation encourages further development of New England-based renewable energy. To find out more about your tax-deductible option for supporting renewable energy, contact the Town Administrator 259-1214, or Peggy at the Center for Ecological Technology 413-586-7350 / peggym at

GreenStart is an offering from the Center For Ecological Technology (CET), a community based non-profit organization with a 28-year commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency. GreenStart supports locally generated renewable energy from responsibly sited facilities.

For additional information or if you would like to be appointed to the Town's new Energy Committee contact the Town Administrator at 259-1214.