The Town cemeteries

The West Cemetery

West Cemetery













The first acre of this now-7.7-acre plot was purchased in 1793.  It is adjacent to the main road through Town, a short distance from Town Center.  A section in the northeast area includes older stones that were moved from the old "burying yard," at the top of the hill where Town Hall now stands.

A notable New England feature along the front of the main cemetery is the historic Hearse House (1840), one of the very few that still survive.  It was restored as a Community Preservation Project in 2013.

A Natural Burial area was established in 2017. 

Eighteen gravestones, including seven of Civil War Veterans, were cleaned and restored as a Community Preservation Project in 2020.  (The Gravestone Restoration Project report will be linked here.)


Luther Henry Tomb Lot

Henry tomb
















The Luther Henry Tomb Lot is a one-acre plot adjacent to the West Cemetery.  Originally a private cemetery started in 1820, the Town assumed control in 1954.  The Henry Tomb is the outstanding feature in the middle of the plot.