250th Anniversary Committee - Contributed Slogans

Shutesbury: Looking down on Amherst for 250 years

Shutesbury: Rising Above the Rest for 250 years

Shuteshury: Rising above the valley for 250 years

Shutesbury: A Higher Calling

Shutesbury: A well-kept secret for 250 years

Shutesbury: Gateway to Route 202

Blueberry, blackberry, Shutesbury

We give a Shoot about our town

We give a Shute about our town

"Shut it if it moves and bury it out of consideration for the environment." 

"Shutesbury - where no one's silent"

"Shutesbury - where nothing is silent" 

"Shutesbury - where only scents are silent"

[From submitter: "Let's not give Shutesbury a slogan.  Let's focus on other things.
The town est. date is a good enough slogan for me."] [From submitter: "This isn't original to me, but it is just so fitting for Shutesbury: " Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhutesbury...keep the secret! Shutesbury -- It's all downhill from here! Shutesbury: We have a bar here Shutesbury: Love it or Leverett! Shutesbury: Shh, we like it this quiet Shutesbury: Show your colors! Shutesbury Shines Shutesbury: Alone on a Hill, United Together Shutesbury: Calm Waters and Deep Woods Welcome to the Shutes: Where the trees bow down and the leaves shoot up. Shutesbury - How come I don't smell anything? Get Lost in Shutesbury Shutesbury: Your cell phones are useless here Shutesbury: Our home is other peoples' vacation destination! When there's a town meeting, Whole Foods is empty Shutesbury: Thank you for leaving! Shutesbury: It's different! (But not as different as Wendell) Shutesbury: Where people don't shoo you away Shutesbury: Many minds make it work Why worry, it's Shutesbury Shutes - welcome to the land of speed bumps Shutesbury - Is it always this dark? Shutes, bury and leaves Shutesbury: Off the beaten path and loving it Shutesbury - It's always interesting Shutesbury - Where all the carsick people live Shutesbury - 10o cooler Shutesbury - We're 10o cooler Shutesbury, Shutesbury - the town so nice, they named it twice! Shutesbury is special! Shutesbury . . . It's still special Shutesbury - where non-scents reigns Shutesbury - more than dirt roads!! Shutesbury, NOT Shrewsbury Shutesbury, NOT Tewkesbury Shutesbury: Like Mayberry, only groovier Shutesbury: Where no scent goes unpunished The four seasons of Shutesbury: 1. Winter 2. More Winter 3. Mud 4. Mosquito We survived eugenics! Shutesbury: Where fresh air meets good friends There's more sand coming down the Shute than I can shovel Shutesbury - At the top of the hill fir 250 years Shutesbury: A hilltop highlight Shutesbury: A community of winding ways Shutesbury: A community with pride of place (for over 250 years) Rock in Road in Shutesbury Green Energy or Bust Shutesbury - (we're) just down the Road How about "Come celebrate Shutesbury's 250th Anniversary." 250 Years! No Shute. Shutesbury: Committed to a Sustainable Future Shutesbury: Where the town is high up and so are the taxes Shutesbury: Where hunters and vegans are neighbors & friends Shutesbury: Always 5o cooler Shutesbury: Always 10 degrees cooler Shoot out to Shutesbury! Shutesbury! Love it or Leverett! Shout Shutesbury!