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Town Clerk
Susie Mosher
Phone: 413-259-1204
Fax: 413-259-1107
Shutesbury Town Hall
P. O. Box 264
1 Cooleyville Road
Shutesbury, MA 01072


2017 Annual Street Listing Form combining:   Town Census & State Voter Census

Although this form is issued by the state as an effort to verify current voters, the Annual Street Listing is also a compilation of ALL Shutesbury residents INCLUDING children.  The information is used for trash bag eligibility, to verify residence for veteran and elderly benefits and address confirmation for future town mailings.  With that in mind, here are a few tips:

  • Please read it over carefully and add on or correct any omissions or mistakes.  Town Clerks cannot remove any voters who have moved away without their signature.  Please provide an address if possible so I can follow up.
  • By returning this form, you can avoid becoming an inactivated voter.  Inactivated voters need to supply extra information at the polls.
  • The person with an asterisk beside their name is the person who signs the form at the bottom, verifying the information.

Thank you very much for keeping town records accurate and up to date. 

2017 will be a quieter year for voters.  Our only election is for 13 seats up for election in Shutesbury government on Saturday, May 6, at our Annual Town Meeting and Election. 

Those seats are:

two for Board of Health,                                one for Cemetery Commissioner,             

two for Board of Library Trustees,                    four for Planning Board,

two for School Committee,                             one for Select Board and               one for Town Clerk. 

This would be a good opportunity to attend a few meetings or visit their webpages to learn about the workings of these boards and positions.  For information about the nomination papers and timeline, please call the Town Clerk @259-1204.

Running for Town Election

Nomination papers can be picked up starting Wednesday, February 1, 2017.  Gather 20 signatures of registered Shutesbury voters and turn the papers in to be certified by March 18. Democracy begins here.

Public Records Requests

Many citizens would like to know more about the activities of committees and boards in town.  You may find the information you are seeking on a board or committee's page on the town website.  If the information is not there or you don't have web access, you are welcomed to make a public records request to the Town Clerk.  You can click here to email your request.

Under state Public Record Law,  the requests for public records in Shutesbury are made to Susie Mosher, Town Clerk, our Records Access Officer.  Requests can be made in writing or by email.  Please include contact your information.  For more an update on the Public Records law, go to

Minutes for Meetings

The Open Meeting Law Guide describes the requirements for minutes on pages 15-16 and can be read here.  

I am attaching samples of minute templates that meet the OML requirements in different styles.  Your committee may have their own format that meets the requirements.    Table Format   Narrative Format  You can get copies of these forms in the lower right-hand mailbox in the hallway at Town Hall and from the stand outside the Town Clerk's office. 

Mandatory Ethics Training for All Employees and Volunteers

Upon appointment or hire and on an annual basis thereafter, the Town Clerk is required by statute to provide all municipal employees and volunteers with a copy of the Conflict of Interest Law and to obtain a signed receipt from the employee/volunteer. Additionally, all employees and volunteers must, complete an online ethics training and multiple choice exercise within 30 days of beginning public service and every 2 years thereafter.  This information and training is to ensure understanding of the Massachusetts ethics code. Upon completion of the exercise, a certificate will pop up. Employees/volunteers can either copy, paste and send the receipt of the summary of the Conflict of Interest Law and the certificate of completion of the training exercise to or print and deliver the receipt and certificate to the town clerk's office.

Required Information for Appointed and Elected Members of Shutesbury Government

People new to a board or position should get sworn in at the Town Clerk's office and I can hand you the full folder of information. For those who want to read or print themselves a copy of information sheets, the documents are linked here.

DBA information and forms

Information and forms for a DBA certificate can be found here.

License or Re-license Your Dog by Mail

      The 2016-17 Dog tags are in.  You may register your dog now.  Early birds can avoid a late fee if their dog is registered before August 1.  Click here to open or save a Word document that you may then use to license or relicense your dog by mail. Please remember to include proof of current rabies vaccination, your payment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, (two first class stamps required).
      The dog license year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. Please re-license in May or June to avoid an expired dog tag.  New dogs are to be licensed by 6 months of age or within 30 days of residing in the Town of Shutesbury. 

Order a Vital Record (Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate)

  • Submit request by phone, fax, or email
  • Include any known information - name and date preferred.
  • Include a $5 payment (made out to "Town of Shutesbury")
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope, or a preferred
    time to pick up the certificate at the Town Clerk's office.

Search Vital Records

Genealogists are welcome to email specific inquiries. This office will evaluate what is
available and send an estimated cost to complete the research and make copies as requested.