Contact Information for Town Officials

Current town officials for Fiscal Year 2017 (June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016)

Phone numbers are in area code 413, unless otherwise noted.

Town Affiliationsort icon Contact Phone Email
Accountant Gail Weiss
ADA Committee See 259 1214
Administrative Secretary Linda Avis Scott 259-6550
Animal Inspector Denise Chiminiello 259-1020 none listed
Assessor Kenneth Holmberg 259-3790
Board of Health Kenneth Rotondi 259-2122
Broadband Committee Gayle Huntress 259-1905
Building Inspector Jim Hawkins 413-774-3167 x113
Buildings Committee Bob Groves 259-1200 none listed
Cemetery Commission Marilyn Tibbetts 413-259-1976
Community Preservation Committee Allen Hanson 259-1623
Community Preservation Committee Rita Farrell 259-1297
Conservation Commission See 259-3792
Constable Marilyn Tibbetts 259-1976
Cultural Council Julie Stepanek 413-387-5670 none listed
Dam Keeper Howard Kinder none listed none listed
Dog Officer Nancy Long 259-1279 none listed
E-911 Coordinator Walter Tibbetts
Electrical Inspector Maurice Gregoire 253-7505
Elementary School Jacqueline Mendosa 
259-1212 x 113
Elementary School Jennifer Haggerty 
Emergency Management Team Walter Tibbetts
Energy Committee Clark Sylvester none listed
Farm and Forestry Commission See 259-1214
Finance Committee George Arvanitis 419-1348
Finance Committee Eric Stocker 259-1250
Fire Department Walter Tibbetts
Health Agent David Zarozinski 549-3710
Highway Dept Tim Hunting 259-1215
Historical Commission Leslie Bracebridge 259-1973
Lake Wyola Advisory Committee Mark Rivers 508-259-0972
Library Mary Anne Antonellis 259-1213
Library Trustee Michele Sedor 259-1213
Master Plan Working Group Becky Torres 259-1214
Moderator Penelope Kim 259-1326 none listed
Municipal Lighting Plant Asha Strazzero-Wild 
MLP Manager
Municipal Lighting Plant Michael DeChiara 259-1059
Municipal Lighting Plant Mike Vinskey 253-4260
Municipal Lighting Plant Melissa Makepeace-O'Neil 256-0312
Old Town Beach Committee Catherine Hilton 367-2388
Open Space Committee See none listed
Our Town Editor Janis Gray 259-1584
Personnel Committee April Stein 259-1074
Planning Board Deacon Bonnar 259-1276
Plumbing/Gas Inspector John Letourneau 367-0017
Police Department Tom Harding
259-1279 (non emergency)
625-8200 (dispatch)
Public Records Officer Susie Mosher 413-259-1204
Recreation Committee vacant 259-1214
Recycling/Solid Waste Committee Gary Bernhard 259-1235
Registrars of Voters Susie Mosher 259-1204
Roads Advisory Committee vacant 259-1214
School Committee Stephen Sullivan 
Regional School Representative
School Committee Fred Steinberg 259-1626
Select Board Michael DeChiara 259-1059
Select Board Mike Vinskey 253-4260
Select Board Melissa Makepeace-O'Neil 256-0312
Tax Collector Ellen McKay 259-1615
Town Center Committee Deacon Bonnar 259-1276
Town Clerk Susie Mosher 413-259-1204
Treasurer Gabriele Voelker 259-1801
Tree Warden Thomas Houston 259-1508 none listed
Veterans Services Tim Niejadik 413-772-1571 none listed
Veterans Services Mark Fitzpatrick none listed
Web Committee Jamie Malcolm-Brown 362-9996
Wired West Coalition Craig Martin none listed
Zoning Board of Appeals Charles DiMare 549-5330