Community Preservation Committee


Chairman and Community-at-large member - Donald Fletcher

Secretary and Open Space Committee representative - Susan Essig

Planning Board representative - Jim Aaron

Conservation Commission representative - Linda Scott

Housing Authority designated person - Rita Farrell 

Select Board representative - Mike Vinskey 

Historical Commission representative - Leslie Bracebridge

Finance Committee representative - Allen Hanson.

In the absence of a town Recreation Committee, that representative seat is currently vacant.


Contact Email:

Community Preservation Plan

For fiscal year 2016, revised October, 2015 - download as MS Word or PDF file

Shutesbury’s Community Preservation Applications

Applications for Shutesbury’s Community Preservation Committee’s (CPC)
annual funding cycle are now available. The CPC utilizes a two-tiered
application process that begins with a simple one-page ‘Preliminary 
Determination of Eligibility’ which is due by November 30th. If the CPC 
agrees that a proposal is eligible, then the full ‘Application’ will be due 
no later than January 15, 2016. Only proposals that are approved at a town 
meeting can be funded. The applications are contained in Appendices B
and C of the Community Preservation Plan; they are also available in 
the CPC mail box on the main floor in Town Hall. If you have questions 
about the application process, please call the Chair of Shutesbury’s CPC,
Donald Fletcher, at 259-1438 or email him at

The Shutesbury CPC has gathered information and studied the town’s
needs, possibilities and resources regarding community
preservation. This included a preliminary evaluation of historic
preservation, open space and community housing opportunities in town,
hearing from other town committees, a public hearing, and from
reviewing other town plans. We have also reviewed related guidelines
and/or criteria from a number Community Preservation Act communities,
With information gathered from this collaborative process the
Shutesbury CPC established it's ‘Guidelines’ for priority use of
Community Preservation Act funds.

Upcoming Meetings

See the Town's website calendar or bulletin board outside the Town Clerk's office for next meeting date.


2016 Projects:

1.  Track at Shutesbury Elementary School (ongoing)

2.  Playground Equipment At Shutesbury Elementary School



2015 Projects:

1. West Cemetary

2. Old Town Beach

3. Top of the Lake       ......Installation of the Gazebo



2013 Projects

Hearse House Restoration - download as PDF file or MS Word (1 page.)

Hearse House, Leverett Rd, 12/2012


Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

Document: History of the CPA in Shutesbury for the period 2008-20011(Word 33 kbytes)

Document: 2008 ByLaw creating the Shutesbury CPC


(below, if available)

2016 and earlier