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   The Shutesbury Recycling Almanac — your primary reference for proper recycling and solid waste disposal — has been updated to include recent changes to regulations and Town practice.  This 3rd edition of the Almanac is a searchable document, available to read or download here.


Shutesbury residents can now use the Leverett Transfer Station!  Check out how it works here.   See the price list here.


Recycling and trash figures for calendar year 2018 (January through December)

Shutesbury residents collected 180.87 tons of materials for recycling in CY 2018 — 76.84 tons of bottles & containers, 103.57 tons of paper, and 0.46 tons of rigid plastic.  Shutesbury earned $2,100.00 in sales of recycled materials.

Shutesbury residents discarded 326.72 tons of trash in 2018.

Total waste stream = trash + recycled materials = 507.59 tons.

Recycled materials as percent of total waste stream = 35.63% (a decrease of 8.8% from CY 2017).

The Town was charged $72.50/ton to dispose of trash in CY 2018.  By recycling those 180.87 tons of materials, Shutesbury residents saved the Town $13,113.70 in tipping fees, money we didn't have to spend to dispose of trash!

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