Recycling & Solid Waste

Recycling    & Solid Waste

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Bulky Waste Days: 1st Saturday in June & October, 10am to 2pm

Roadside Swap Week: the week before each Bulky Waste Day

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Massachusetts Department of Enviromental Protection (MassDEP) waste & recycling


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Gary Bernhard

  Shutesbury residents can now use the Leverett Transfer Station!  Check out how it works here.



Recycling and trash figures, July 2015-June 2016

[corrected APril 10. 2017]

Shutesbury residents collected 182.10 tons of materials for recycling in FY 2016: 74.20 tons of bottles & containers, 107.6 tons of paper, and 0.30 tons of rigid plastic.  Shutesbury earned $1,732.45 in sales of recycled materials.

Shutesbury residents discarded 331.69 tons of trash in 2016.

Total waste stream = trash + recycled materials = 513.793 tons

Recycled materials as percent of total waste stream = 35.44%

The Town is charged $62.00/ton to dispose of trash.  By recycling those 182.10 tons of materials, Shutesbury residents saved the Town $11,290.20 in tipping fees, money we didn't have to spend to dispose of trash.

You can get your copy of the REVISED Shutesbury Recycling Almanac at Bulky Waste Day, at Town Hall, or with your trash bags at the annual Town Meeting, first Saturday in May.

Every household in Town is provided with this booklet.  It is intended to be used as your primary reference for options and requirements of proper recycling and solid waste disposal.  Keep your copy in a handy spot so you can refer to it easily!

The 2nd edition is a 2008 update of the original Almanac — expanded to include websites and other sources of recycling information (and details concerning recycling of plastic materials) and reorganized for ease of use.

Click here to get a PDF version of the 2nd edition of the Almanac [2008, revised April 2010].


Recycling and Solid Waste Committee members

Gary Bernhard, Recycling Coordinator;  Meryl Mandell, Chair; Karen Czerwonka, Nancy Dihlmann, Ron Essig, Gail Fleischaker, Orson Jones, Liz Lacy, Susan Quigley, Steve Rice, Peg Ross.