Kenneth Holmberg
Assessor -at-
Monday Tuesday 10-3; Wed. 1-3 Thursday 12-4

The Board of Assessors now meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:45 PM in the Town Hall.

Tel. 413-259-3790
Fax 413-259-1107

Shutesbury Tax Collector:  
To make an appointment with the tax collector, please call 413-259-1615 and leave a message.


The Board of Assessors will have a vacancy following Amanda Alix’s retirement at the end of June after serving on the board for nineteen years.  The board has been fortunate to have had the benefit of her experience and her dedicated service.   Thank you Amanda!

The vacancy created by Amanda’s retirement is an appointed position which requires regular attendance at meetings to make decisions regarding valuation of property throughout the town , occasional property inspections,  and completion within two years of “Assessors 101”, a one week workshop offered by the Department of Revenue.  Please call the Assessors Office (413-259-3790) if you have an interest in this position.


The Massachusetts Department of Revenue requires that Assessors attempt to verify the interior and exterior information of every
dwelling and business within a municipality during every nine year period.

We do some of these inspections every year and want to give you advance notice that we will be begin doing these inspections soon and throughout the summer.  The inspections this year will focus  primarily on Wendell Rd, Locks Pond Rd, and in the Lake Wyola area, but also throughout the town where there are open building permits or recent sales.

We will carry identification cards which you can request to see  to verify who is at the door. If nobody is home, we'll leave a notice on your door that explains why we were at the property and may or may not ask you to call our office to schedule an interior inspection. We will still verify exterior information such as siding, outbuildings and decks, and update your house photo.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, something which we would encourage and takes about 15 minutes in most cases, please call or contact our office.

Shutesbury Board of Assessors / 413-259-3790



Online GIS Maps and Property Information


Should you have any questions, please contact our office at 413-259-3790. 


Shutesbury Board of Assessors

Amanda Alix

Stephen Schmidt

Susan Reyes

Kenneth Holmberg (Administrative Assessor)


The following forms are available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files:


Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2015