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Last Updated: 03/31/2018

To edit an existing post on your committee or dept page, the first essential step is to log in as a user. 

There are two ways to update existing post.


Approach 1: Go to the Post, Then Edit

In this approach, once logged in, go to the information you want to edit. You'll see on upper right of that information, a pencil icon for editing. Click on the pencil. Then you'll see a tab for "Edit". Make your edits. Then Save. Your changes are now made and will appear in all the places they were found before.

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Last Updated: 02/05/2018
Creating a summary for your posting of information

When you post information, there are two places that text goes - the Summary and the Body fields. 

The full information goes in the Body field. Normally when you are typing in the Body, you'll see the following above the editing bar (look up and to the left when you are editing) - it looks like this...

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The town is not able to provide "" email addresses for volunteers. For the most part these are limited to committees as a whole.

We recommended that volunteers have a separate email address for their town business, separate from their personal email address. The following is the format suggested.

Recommended email for volunteers:
example -


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How to forward emails from committee accounts to individual members

You can arrange to have emails that are sent to a committee's "" account be automatically forwarded to individual member accounts.  This is set up via "Settings" in the committee's "" email account.

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These guidelines will govern the preferred process of using the subscribed email notification system available to all resident and non-resident interested parties, through an option on the town web site.

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