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Chief of Police
Thomas E. Harding

General non-emergency:
259-1279 / 625-8200
For emergencies dial 911


        Dog Complaints

     The Shutesbury Dog Officer is a part-time position.  In order to respond in a more timely manner, any complaint for the Dog Officer should be directed to the Police Department first.  (Office#259 1279 OR  Dispatch#625 8200)  This includes reports of barking dogs, loose dogs, dog bites, or dogs lost/found.  The responding Police Officer will contact the Dog Officer as needed and document their response.

     Please call the Police Department if you have any questions.


Phone Scams

Please see this page for details on a recent telephone fraud attempt against a Shutesbury resident.

We have received many reports from residents regarding calls to them for money or personal or financial information.  The most common have been:

** IRS agents calling and threatening arrest is money is not paid immediately

** Lottery representitives promising money, cars, vacations

** Calls reporting injury or arrest of a family member or friend in a distant location in need of an immediate cash transfer.

There are others and they may come in the form of e mails as well as telephone calls.  Report these calls to the Shutesbury Police and the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office.

If it sounds to good to be true...........................

Carbon Monoxide Detector Law

Massachusetts has instituted a requirement for all homes that utilize a fossil fuel heating system to be equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is offering these detectors to senior citizens free of charge, through their TRIAD program. For more information contact the Shutesbury Police Department at 259-1279, or the  Franklin County Sheriff's Office, 413-774-4726.