Here are seats and the candidates names as they appear on the May 5, 2018 ballot.  Incumbents are marked with (*) and all seats are three-year terms unless noted:

Board of Health vote for two

*Arleen A. Read 18 Old Orchard Rd.

*Alan Werner  106 Wendell Rd.

Cemetery Commissioner vote for one

*Raymond B. Cusson 54 Lakeview Rd. 

Board of Library Trustees vote for two

*Katherine A. Cell 29 Old Orchard Rd.

*Michele Cunningham 108 Wendell Rd.

Municipal Light Plant Board  vote for two

Gayellen Huntress 408 Montague Rd.

Steve Schmidt 518 West Pelham Rd.

Municipal Light Plant Board 2-year seat vote for two

Craig T. Martin 17 Hidden Meadow Rd.

Graeme J. Sephton 623 Wendell Rd.

Municipal Light Plant Board 1-year seat vote for one

Kent Whitney 24 Lake Dr..

Planning Board vote for one 

*James Summers Aaron 60 Macedonia Rd.

Planning Board for remaining 2-year seat vote for one

No candidate

School Committee vote for two

Jennifer Malcolm Brown 72 Wendell Rd.

Select Board vote for one

J. April Stein 34 Montague Rd

Select Board for remaining 2-year vote for one

Elaine M.Puleo  129 Baker Rd.

Voters can write in or use a sticker with name and address for any person not on the ballot..