Select Board minutes

Select Board Minutes



Nov.  15  29

Oct. 4    18    25

Sept. 6   13   20

August 9   23

July 5  12  26

June  14

May 4  18  24  31

April 5  12  19  21  26

March  8 15 22

February 9  23

January  5  12  21  26


March  24

April  7  15  21  29

May 6  19  28

June 2   9  30

July 14   28 

August 4 18

September 15 29

October  6 13  20

November  4  10

December 1  5 15  29


January 7th   14th   30th     
February  4th  11th  25th    
March  11th  25th      
April  8th  16th  22nd 29th 3PM  29th 6:30PM 7PM  
May  6th  21st  29th    
June  3rd  10th  17th  24th  
July  15th  29th      
August  5th  12th  26th    
September  10th        
October  7thA  7thB      


January 2nd     8th     15th    29th      
February 12th 26th                  
March 12th 26th       
April 9th 19th      
May 14th  21st      
June 4th 18th  28th     
July 9th 16th  30th    
August 13th        
September    10th 24th      
October  8th 21st      
November  5th 8th 19th                                 
December 2nd 3rd 17th     



January 3rd    18th   31st        
February  15th   28th                  
March  13th  26th  27th    
April  3rd  9th  21st  24th  
May  8th  23rd  31st    
June  6th  20th  29th    
July  3rd 11th 1  11th 2 17th  31st 
August  3rd 7th  14th  28th   
September     11th  25th      
October  2nd All Boards.  9th 23rd     
November  13th  20th                                  
December 4th 18th      


January 4th 24th 25th  27   
February 8th 15th 18th    
March 1st 15th 18th 


April  12th  26th      
May  10th  24th      
June  7th  18th 21st  28th   
July  5th  13th  22nd     
August  2nd   5th   16th  30th   
September  2nd  6th   13th   27th  30th 
October  11th  24th  25th    
November  8th   14th   16th  29th  
December  6th  20th  27th    



January 11th 12th    
February 2nd 6th 8th 16th
March 5th 11th  


April    12th  20th  27th
May 4th 11th    
June  8th  22nd  28th  
July    6th  13th  20th
September  7th  14th  28th  
October 5th  12th  12thAM 26th
November  9th  23rd    
December  7th  21st    


January 6th 13th
February 3rd 10th 17th 24th
March 3rd 6th 24th
May 12th 18th
August 18th 24th
September 8th 22nd
December 8th 16th 28th


January 8th 22nd 29th
February 19th 26th
March 3rd 4th 15th 18th 31st
April 1st 9th 10th 12th 15th 29th
May 5th 13th 19th 22nd 27th
June 10th 17th 24th 28th
July 8th 14th 15th 22nd
August 5th 19th 14th
September 2nd 9th 11th 16th 25th 30th
October 6th 14th 21st 24th 28th
November 11th 15th 25th
December 6th 9th 16th 23rd


January 8 9 23
February 6 17 20 27
March 13 24
April 17
May 1 5 15 29
June 12
July 10 18 24
August 7 21
September 4 11 18 25 27
October 9 16 20 22 30
November 17 20 27
December 11 17 19 (1) 19 (2)


March 21 24
November 28
December 05 12 16 19



November 22 29
December 13

News & Updates

Shutesbury Residents-

Trash pick-up has been moved to THURSDAY, January 18, this week because of the snow. Snow is predicted to be the heaviest tomorrow during normal trash pick-up hours. Alternative Recycling will be here on Thursday to pick up trash and recycling. 


thank you for your assistance- 

Becky Torres, Shutesbury Town Administrator


The Select Board voted to fill the vacancy on the Select Board at the Annual Town Meeting and Elections on Saturday, May 5.  That means there will be two seats for Select Board listed on the ballot.  One seat for two years to finish out the vacated term, and one seat for a three year term.

More information on this spring's elections will be coming after the new year. 

The Select Board regrets to announce that they accepted the resignation of Selectman Timothy Logan at their meeting, Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Mr. Logan is resigning for health reasons. He has been a valued member of the Board and will be sincerely missed. 

The Selectboard will discuss how to address this issue at their December 19 Select Board meeting. 

Info and Resources

At its Sept. 19, 2017 meeting the Shutesbury Select Board unanimously past the following motion.


The issue of Native American Site Preservation in the Town of Shutesbury has become fraught with significant concerns from Native American residents of Shutesbury, other citizens of Shutesbury, and other interested parties. Among the many concerns for all parties are fear of violence and intimidation, death threats, need for police protection, distrust, insulting language, bullying, threats of litigation, committee resignations, and other extremely negative and divisive concerns. The Select Board stresses that these are concerns of all interested parties. In our opinion, under these circumstances any current attempts to move forward in the following areas will only exacerbate these concerns. These areas includes:

  1. Appointment of initial members to a Native American Preservation Working Group.
  2. Entering into any potential Memorandums of Understanding as referenced in the 9.19.17 Select Board meeting agenda.

In the Select Board’s opinion, it is in the best interest of all concerned parties and the Town of Shutesbury to immediately table any and all actions in the above town areas until the Select Board is satisfied that people can work together to move the processes forward.