Open Meeting Law

Mandatory Open Meeting Law Information for Members of Municipal Committees, Boards and Commissions:

All members of any public body must receive educational materials including the Open Meeting Law, MGL c. 30A, SS18-25, 940 CMR 29.00, and the Guide to the Open Meeting Law published by the Attorney General upon taking the oath of office and before entering into the performance of the office. The municipal clerk is responsible for providing the educational materials to the members of all local public bodies. Within 2 weeks after receipt of the educational materials, the member shall certify the receipt of the materials on the form provided by the Attorney General and available on the Attorney General's website.
Links to all required documents are listed below. Municipal officials are invited to use these links in place of paper documents and email the town clerk (see right corner box for address) as proof of receipt of these documents.

News & Updates

seeking applicant for part-time Assistant Town Clerk

The Town of Shutesbury is seeking applicants for the position of part-time Assistant Town Clerk. The Assistant Town Clerk assists in the performance of the duties of the Town Clerk.  In the absence of the Town Clerk, the Assistant Town Clerk shall perform the duties of the Town Clerk and shall have all the essential duties and responsibilities of the Town Clerk, as described in MGL c.41 sec.19. Salary based on experience. Ten hours per week, position to begin immediately.

Voter Registration Period

The voter registration period for our upcoming Annual Town Meeting and Election will close on Friday, April 12.  Residents of Shutesbury who are not already registered can pick up voter registration forms at the Town Clerk's office or get a form on line  

Along with the regular Town Clerk hours, (Mon 3:30 - 6, Tues. - Fri. mornings 8;30 - 10:30, and Thurs. evenings 6-8) the Town Clerk's office will be open extra hours on Friday, April 12 from 2 - 4 pm and 7 - 8 pm. 

Nomination Papers and Citizen Petitions are Due Soon

Planning for Annual Town Meeting on Saturday, May 4 is reaching some of the deadline dates.

MARCH 15 - Nomination papers must be turned in to the Town Clerk by 5 pm.  So far we have nominations papers completed by:

       Board of Health - Catherine Hilton, incumbent

       Board of Library Trustees - Brad Foster and Michele Regan-Ladd, both incumbents 

       Moderator - Paul Lyons

       Planning Board - Jeff Lacy, incumbent

Special Town Meeting and Voter Registration

Tuesday MARCH 26 there will be a Special Town Meeting regarding funds for the Broadband project. You can find more information about this in the Winter edition of Our Town Newsletter, linked on the home page of this website.  Note that the rescheduled date for the meeting is 3/26/19 at the Elementary School at 7 pm

In order to vote on any article at a town meeting, registered voters must attend the meeting and vote in person when the article is presented and the vote is called.  This is because the language to any warrant article is open to amendments.

Nomination Papers Available

Nomination papers for seats that will be on the Town Ballot are now available in the Town Clerk's office.  Twenty signatures from Shutesbury registered voters are needed.  The papers must be returned to the Town Clerk in by Friday, March 15 at 5 pm.  The following seats, all three year terms, will be on the ballot:

Board of Health - 1   Cemetery Commissioner -1   Constable -1   Board of Library Trustees -2   Planning Board - 3   Moderator -1   School Committee -1   Municipal Light Plant -1 and Select Board -1

How to Receive Meeting Notifications

If you were receiving calendar notifications using our previous posting system, you will need to follow the steps below to sign up for these emails again.

You can sign up for notifications of meetings for any committee by going to our new posting website:

Use the drop down menu on the left to pick the committee you want to follow.  On the committee's page, click, "Subscribe to Email Alerts."  You will need to repeat these steps for each committee separately.


2019 Annual Town Census

The blue Annual Street List form has been mailed to you! The state requires towns to contact every resident to update the street list and confirm every voter.  Children, non-voters and non-voters, everyone and anyone in your household should be listed on the form correctly.  Please add any missing information.  If there is more than one household at your address, please request additional forms.

If a voter has moved away, please write down an address so I can get a signature to remove them from the town voter rolls. 


The 2018 Annual Street Listing Form that combines the Town Census and the State Voter Census is coming to your household soon. 

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